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Pump and Valve Repairs and Rebuilds

All-Pro's Pump and Valve Service area is fully equipped to handle all types of pump and valve repairs or rebuilds. Our technicians are familiar with the various types and brands of pumps and valves.


There are three commmon types of hydraulic pumps. These pumps supply fluid to the components in a hydraulic system causing pressure in the system which develops in reaction to the load. Pumps are generally rated by their maximum operating pressure capability and their output in gallons per minute (gpm) at a given drive speed in revolutions per minute (rpm).

Piston pumps are rotary units which use the principle of the reciprocating pump to produce fluid flow. Instead of using a single piston, these pumps have many piston-cylinder combinations. Most axial and radial piston pumps lend themselves to variable, as well as fixed displacement designs. Piston pumps can also be hydrostatic. These will create a flow in two directions, such as in transmissions.

Vane Pumps are positive-displacement pumps that consist of vanes mounted to a rotor that rotates inside a cavity. The simplest vane pump is a circular rotor rotating inside a larger circular cavitity. The centers of these two circles are offset. Vanes are allowed to slide into and out of the rotor and seal on all edges, creating vane chambers that do the pumping work. Common uses of vane pumps range from high pressure hydraulic pumps, to pumps for mid-range pressure applications such as for fountain soft drink dispensers.

Gear Pumps use the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. Gear pumps are fixed displacement, meaning they pump a constant amount of fluid for each revolution and some gear pumps are designed to function as either a motor or pump.


Valves regulate the flow of a fluid by opening, closing or partially obstructing various passageways. There are a variety of valves including pressure relief valves; check valves; counterbalance valves; cartridge valves and others, and are used in many different applications.