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All-Pro Hydraulics-cylinder repair experts

The Cylinder Component area can handle cylinders up to 36-inches in diameter and lengths as long as 24-feet Single Stage and longer with Multistage Cylinders.

All-Pro Hydraulics has complete hydraulic cylinder repair capabilities on all brands of loaders, excavators, presses, dump trucks, bucket trucks, refuse roll-offs, etc. We can repair your unit, or make a new one if necessary. Repairs and overhauls on cylinders include disassembling and inspecting the cylinder; barrels are honed; rams are polished and checked for straightness; seals, including wear bearings and bushings, are installed to original specifications; and reassembling the cylinder to factory specs. While we can remove and install cylinders in the field or in-house, we prefer to do repair work in our shop if possible, in a non-contaminated environment.

All-Pro technicians are skilled in rebuilding both single and double acting cylinders. Telescopic cylinders are a special design of hydraulic cylinder that provides an exceptionally long output travel from a very compact retracted length. These are also referred to as multi-stage cylinders. Single acting telescopic cylinders are the simplest and most common design. Used in dump trucks, the weight of the dump body raised at an angle of 60 degrees, but empty of load, must be enough to force the unpressurized hydraulic fluid out of the cylinder and cause it to retract to the fully collapsed position.

A double acting cylinder is extended and retracted using hydraulic pressure in both directions. Due to the complexity of double acting telescopic cylinders, they are usually custom designed for each application. Telescopic cylinders are often used on heavy equipment such as construction equipment, garbage trucks and transfer trailers, as well as others.