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Serving the hydraulic needs of Eastern North Carolina for more than 35 years.

All-Pro Hydraulics-specialization is the key

Smart planning, a good location, strong customer service and understanding their market niche are factors that have helped All-Pro Hydraulics in Ayden expand from a home-based business started by Charles Strickland to a modern, 17,000 square-feet facility.

"I have always looked at All-Pro as we are in business to stay in business and by doing that we will be able to provide good moral and ethical values that will outlast the owners and be able to continue to serve all generations. We learned and owe a lot to the founder of the company our Dad Charles Strickland," All-Pro Hydraulics Chief Executive Office Joey Strickland said.

All-Pro Hydraulics was founded by Charles Strickland in 1973 as Eastern Hydraulics Co. and was located at his home just outside of Ayden. The shop repaired small lifting equipment. Charles, along with his two sons, Joey and Steve, enlarged the repair shop in 1980 and began repairing larger equipment such as cylinders on tractors and various farm equipment.

In 2001, Eastern Hydraulics Co. became All-Pro Hydraulics and they moved the location of thier shop to a new building on NC11 across from Ayden-Grifton High school, just south of Ayden. Since the move in 2001, the company expanded again in 2006 and now has eight bays, and an overhead crane for heavy equipment. All-Pro also has a full-service machine shop on site for the manufacture of parts for repairs and new applications. There is also a welding and fabrication area.

Asked what factors have contributed most to All-Pro's growth, Strickland replied, "I believe having a specialized business has played a part in the growth of All-Pro. I know location played a big part in the growth of All-Pro."

All-Pro Hydraulics takes on the "big jobs" associated with hydraulic repairs of farm, construction, commercial, industrial and recreation equipment. All-Pro also performs di-electric testing on boom and bucket trucks along with major repair work on boom turrets.

However, All-Pro Hydraulics also includes a showroom with 1,200 different types of fittings and adapters, as well as jacks, hydraulic oil, tools, work gloves and many other products. The atmosphere is clean and friendly and the staff is easy to work with.